People Centro specializes in providing Direct Hiring, Contact Staffing, Payroll Management and RPO solutions to our esteemed clients.

Permanent Staffing:

Over a period of time, People Centro has built a strong talent community by exploring the hiring opportunities and fulfilling critical positions. We specialize in providing staffing on a permanent basis to our clients as per the requirments. We help in closing the positions from junior to senior to executive level requirments. Our commitment and dedication in helping the right talent acquisition making us preferred partners among our clients.

Contract Staffing

Market Dynamics are changing fast so are the business demands. People Centro are well versed with the changing dynamics and business demands. We specialize in fulfilling the workforce for contract positions. We have built talent pool community over period of time and can readily meet our customers’ demands on priority basis.


People Centro helps the business in providing the customized Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to the clients to meet all the demands. Our RPO service helps to build scalable model, helps in cost savings and provide a dedicated pool in fulfilling all the hiring expectations.